13. Exploring one last time 8-12/01/09

The last few days were a bit more relaxed. We slept in and started our day later than usual. We went into London one last time, before our departure. We were going to go on the London eye, but just our luck, it was under construction from that day. At least they refunded our tickets. We saved it for the next time, because we knew there will be a next time to this great city.

One last swing at the palace to admire it.(Oh what a lucky lady Kate is!!)

The next day we spent a few hours rummaging through all the flea-market like stalls where all the weirdest of the weird come togehter: Camden town. Word of advice: Do not buy any of the food at any of the stalls, unless you want to spend a few hours feeling queasy.

                     Note my awesome gloves I got! (Impressed smirk)

To end off our amazing trip we painted the town red. A night out with some good and old friends ending in buying a maccie's burger:                                               "I luuuuuuuuuuuuurve the burgerrrrrr!!"
and getting out of the taxi a block from home because he was charging us an arm and a leg.

No change to spare when we still have the Emirates ahead of us...

 Packing was a task bestowed on me and with extensive 'calculations and measurements' I got the zipper closed!
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12. Zoologists 07/01/09

This day was a very cold day - but we had to stick to the itinerary to be able to have benefited fully from our londonpass card at the end of our trip. Luckily the rain stayed away and we only had the cold to bear.

We just had to take a photo of the water that actually froze. Just to prove how cold it was.

Although we live in a country known for our spectacular Animal Kingdom - we have never been to a zoo. Or even saw a real- life Lion!

The zoo is always a perfect outing for all age groups. Not only is a visit to the zoo fun, but it is also educational.
Each habitat has an information board containing facts to the particular animal.

The Asian Lion's diet mostly consist of deer, wild pigs, cattle and antelopes. They live in open woodlands, shrubby areas and grasslands."

At the end of the day we went to a museum - Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms.

"This is the room from which I will lead the war", said Winston Churchill, after he's appointment as Prime Minister in 1940. The above picture is the actual war room, preserved the way the occupants had experienced it in the 40's. This was an underground shelter where the War Cabinet had meetings while bombing raids were occuring on the surface.

Like the castles and the other landmarks we had visited during our stay, this was another visit to experience great history, and there are moments, while wandering around in this museum, to reminisce about the times we will never experience.